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Kettering and the A6 towns are my home. Growing up in Geddington and attending schools in Kettering and Rothwell, our town's unique character and community make me proud to be from Kettering. Now, I want to fight for the people of Kettering who deserve better.

My Mum, a single working parent and a local youth worker, brought me up. But what was different about my upbringing and that of the young people in Kettering today is that I grew up with a Labour government and a local Labour MP. I saw investment in my education, a fair minimum wage, and an accessible housing market. My weekends were spent in a high street filled with shops, public services and leisure centres I could access; I felt the possibility of working hard and living a happy life. This has not been the reality of my adulthood.

As I look around Kettering today, it is clear the people of our towns and villages have been so let down. I have volunteered with our most vulnerable at well-being cafes, food banks, and holiday clubs, and it is clear the Tories have only looked after themselves, and the people of Kettering are more in need than ever. These experiences have driven my passion and desire to rebuild our town and create an environment for our community to thrive.

My career is in the retail sector, a career that I chose to pursue when I was 16, working on the shop floor in Kettering Town Centre. Today, I work in the head office of a large retailer. I will bring my understanding of UK supply chains and the retail market to parliament.  I can rebuild our high streets across the A6 towns and fight for Kettering, Rothwell, and Desborough to have town centres that reflect their unique characters and support local businesses. I have the knowledge and experience to turn our town around.




When volunteering for our most vulnerable in our Kettering-based food banks and wellbeing cafes, I have seen first-hand how let down our community has been. As your MP, it will be my priority to support local people through the cost-of-living crisis through boosting our local economy, building affordable housing, and funding local services that support the most vulnerable.


My career in the retail industry started in Kettering Town Centre, working on the shop floor. Over the last 13 years of this Tory government, seeing how much the high streets in the A6 towns have been neglected has been heartbreaking. I will lessen the reliance on large retailers to occupy our high streets and help build an economy where local businesses can thrive. If selected, I will fight to bring Kettering’s cultural and leisure facilities back, starting by supporting the reopening of the gallery and museum.



Our NHS can only be fixed with properly funded Adult Social Care. After 13 years of a Tory government, our social care system is breaking down and unfit for purpose. As your MP, I will drive change within social care, pushing for carers to be valued and paid a fair wage, ensuring vacancies are filled, and fighting for the people of our towns and villages to be cared for with dignity.



The Conservatives backtracked on net zero targets and environmental policies. I know this is not what the people of Kettering want from their next MP. This is a chance to show voters that it is Labour who are serious about bringing a green industrial revolution. As your MP I will put Kettering at the heart of Labour’s Green Economy to bring good green jobs to our towns.

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